FishermanThere are two qualities that make a great fisherman, knowledge and experience, and both work hand in hand. You can’t build on one without the other. Fishing without knowledge and learning without experience will get you nowhere.

We provide you with the knowledge of anglers that have been fishing for decades that you can take out on the water and put in to practice. Fisherman Advisor is a resource that will help you become a better angler through education and advice. Use the menu above to explore the site and select the aspect of fishing your looking to improve.

Fly Reels Under $100

Best Fly Reels Under $100

Unlike conventional fishing methods, fly fishing has long been considered a "rich man's sport" and, when you consider the $500 ...
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Live Bait For Bass

Best Live Bait For Bass

Some bass fishermen think of fishing with live bait as easy, or even cheating. It might not be as much work ...
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Night Bass Fishing

Night Fishing For Bass

As the night sets in and the water's surface becomes still, bass tend to head for the shallows in search ...
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